Ethical Gift Guide For Women: Gifts for the Traveller

Gifts for the Ethical Traveller

Who is she? 

She's an explorer at heart and travels off the beaten path. Rather than touristy resorts or hotels, she opts to stay with locals and get to know the local culture. She's a natural storyteller and loves to tell tales of the interesting people she's met. Whenever you visit her home, you discover little trinkets she’s collected over the years (each with its own story). She's got an endless case of wanderlust but works a 9-to-5 job which makes it hard to travel. To satiate her cravings, she shops for items that remind her of her adventures abroad. 

What does she like? 

Her style is tasteful and classic. She loves to dress up, but dresses down just as well (she can’t complain when she’s in her sweats!). To her, the story behind an item is as important as the item itself. Her favourite products are handmade with lots of personality and charm. The more compelling the story, the more she loves it.

Sound like her? She may like these products: 

  • Our Purpose Jewelry collection: Designed and handcrafted by sex trafficking survivors rescued in India and California. Each piece has a special meaning and story. Click on a piece below to learn more about its meaning.
  • Our Krochet Kids beanies: Made with love from quality and knitted materials by women in Uganda and Peru. Each piece is handmade and signed by the woman who made it.
  • Our Inspirations Studio pottery: Locally made in Toronto by women affected by poverty, mental health, and addictions issues. Every piece is uniquely made and signed by the artisan. It's the perfect gift to add to her ethical home.
  • A holiday card from our Good Paper Collection: Each card is handcrafted from recycled materials by former victims of sex trafficking in the Philippines. The artisan infuses her creative personality and humour into each creation. Cards also come hand signed by the woman who made it.

Shop our Ethical Traveller Collection: 

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