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Natural & Vegan Wellness Products. Tested On Humans With Love

StressLess Natural Solutions is an independent, natural wellness brand founded by student and entrepreneur, Brett Hardy. After learning about the many harmful fragrances and chemicals found in our mainstream products, Brett wanted to provide a plant-based, affordable alternative. Passionate about sustainable living and a maker at heart, she had played with natural oils for years. When her Oma gifted Brett her essential oils collection, Brett began adding them to her natural concoctions and realized their potential to improve your mood and wellbeing.

The philosophy behind StressLess Natural Solutions is simple: everything must have a purpose. Within each StressLess product, you’ll find only functional, natural ingredients. Nothing artificial or for show. This driving vision has led to a line of candles and bath products that are not only safe for you, but are mindfully crafted to make you feel happy and balanced.


StressLess Natural products are vegan, cruelty-free, and designed to minimize their ecological footprint.

All packaging is eco-friendly, plastic-free, and reusable. Brett uses only premium and clean ingredients, including 100% pure essential oils that are vegan and quality-certified. Candles are made from pure EcoSoy Wax out of soy beans grown from US family-owned farms. EcoSoy Wax is completely biodegradable, sustainable, supports family farms in the US, and is a safer alternative to traditional paraffin wax candles.

We unfortunately do not carry Stressless Natural Solutions products anymore. 
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