FAQs: Have no doubts!

FAQ or not, reach out any time! Send your questions via email or Facebook and we promise to get back to you cause you're awesome!

  1. Do you make the products yourselves?

    All our products are fair trade and handcrafted by our positive impact partners. We do extensive research to track down our unique products but don't make them ourselves (we wish we were that crafty!).

  1. What makes your products socially responsible? 

    We purchase all our products from ethical businesses committed to social good. Whether we sell handcrafted cards from survivors of sex trafficking, handmade hair accessories to support wildlife conservation, or sustainable jewelry made from upcycled materials – our products all strive to make the world a better place. Read more about our Impact on our About Us page.

  1. What's a social enterprise?

    A social enterprise is a business committed to three things: people, planet, and profit. Traditional businesses exist to make money, whereas social enterprises exist to make the world a better place (while still making money). Cambio Market is a social enterprise because we sell products to make money, but all our products are sourced from our positive impact partners. So the more products we sell, the more we help our partners scale their social impact and connect people like you with causes you care about.

  1. Where is your store located? Can I drop by in person?

    We're wherever you want to be! Currently, we operate and sell mostly online though you may run into us in the streets of Toronto or occasionally at fairs or events. Check here to learn about our next events.

  1. Shipping?

    We ship primarily to Canada & United States. Free shipping on orders over $50.00. You'll be able to select your level of shipping and see your total shipping costs upon checkout. Shipping within Canada is done with Canada Post and shipping within the US is done with USPS. Express options with UPS and FedEx are available for extra cost at checkout.
    International shipping to other countries is also available, you will be quoted the amount at checkout.

  1. Refund and return policy?

    You should always be 100% satisfied. If you ever have concerns with your purchase or your experience with us, PLEASE let us know! Send us an email at support@cambio.market and we'll sort it all out as soon as we can. In the meantime, you can also check out our Refund and Return Policy linked here.

  1. Payment processing?

    We accept payment online with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal and Apple Pay.