"Cambio" in Spanish means change. We want to change things for the better.

We created Cambio Market to change how businesses operate. Social responsibility shouldn't be a statement – it should be a way of doing business. We also want to change how people shop. What if you could support causes you care about AND buy products you love? That's what we're trying to accomplish over here at Cambio Market.

We're a business committed to social good and making the world a better place. Our products are all ethically sourced from socially responsible businesses that prioritize people and planet over profit. We do extensive research on all of our suppliers to ensure they meet our standards when it comes to product quality and social impact, and we only work with organizations that support causes we believe in. 

Every product on Cambio Market gives back. No exceptions.

Handcrafted greeting card from Good Paper available on Cambio Market

You help us make the world a better place

By purchasing our products, you help socially responsible businesses grow. Specifically, your purchase helps our partners to:

  • Get their products in front of more people, therefore raising awareness for their cause
  • Generate revenue and find sustainable sources of income, instead of relying on donations or grants
  • More revenue means more money can be reinvested into their social cause and communities
  • Create jobs that provide fair wages, skills training, and good working conditions. Our partners are committed to helping vulnerable groups such as low-income individuals, people with disabilities, people suffering from mental health or addictions, women and/or children

Want to be a supplier or know an ethical business whose products should be in our store? Well that's awesome! Give us a shout at

Wanna know more? Check out our FAQs or drop us a message. You shouldn't have any doubts when you shop with us.

Thank YOU for helping us make a positive social impact. We couldn't do it without you <3
Gelaine & Jérôme