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Empowerment is You

Cambio Market (pronounced Cam-bee-oh) is a curated collection of thoughtful, responsible goods that empower artisans around the world.

Why do we do this?
Because we believe buying products you love AND supporting a good cause can be one and the same. Meaning “change” in Spanish, the word Cambio embodies our mission: to revolutionize how business is done. This means putting people and planet first, always.

That’s why we only bring you products that are fair trade, sustainably made, and create meaningful change.

Who your purchase

AKABA's Artisan

The Artisan

Every artisan is paid fair wages, works in safe conditions, and is encouraged to grow. Our goal is to help artisans become self-sufficient so they no longer need us. Many even start their own businesses and hire others from their community.
Yana Santiago from Olivia & Diego

The Entrepreneur

We partner with socially conscious entrepreneurs committed to sustainability, ethics, and transparency. Whether they are based in Canada or the Philippines, your purchase helps a passionate entrepreneur grow their business and social impact.


Empowered people empower others. When you purchase products that align with your ethics and values, you make a statement about who you are. Shopping thoughtfully is the first step to building a life full of joy, meaning, and true fulfillment.

We carefully research and curate each of our partners to ensure they meet our promise to you.

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Our Story

Jerome Gagnon-Voyer & Gelaine Santiago from Cambio Market
Co-Founders, Jérôme Gagnon-Voyer and Gelaine Santiago

Giving back has always been a part of us. In fact, we met while volunteering for an organization in university. It was here that we fell in love with the concept of business for good (and happened to fall for each other, too).

Following university, we landed corporate jobs (Gelaine in human resources, and Jérôme in IT). Despite a series of promotions, neither of us were happy. We craved meaning, and knew there was more to life than making someone else money.

The real inspiration came in 2013 after traveling to Philippines with Gelaine’s family. We discovered a vibrant community of ethical enterprises combatting poverty and inequality – and they were using business to do it. We were floored, but quickly realized there was no central place to learn about these businesses.

On a whim, we created ChooseSocial.PH – an online directory to help people find socially conscious businesses in the Philippines. Over the next two years, we worked on our passion project during evenings and weekends. Despite it being “just a hobby”, ChooseSocial.PH eventually picked up steam. People began to ask where they could purchase Filipino products in North America.

We knew what we had to do: we quit our jobs, took a risk, and voila – Cambio Market was born!

We’ve since expanded beyond Philippines and also have partners in Guatemala, India, Kenya, and Uganda (the list grows). But one thing remains the same: we believe an empowered life is one that empowers others.

And we’re committed to building a community that believes the same.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.

We're more than a shop

On top of sourcing responsibly and supporting artisans through trade, we look for additional ways to give back locally and globally.
Here’s what we’re doing:

Logo ChooseSocial.PH


An online directory to raise awareness of ethical businesses in the Philippines. With over 80 organizations listed, we’ve become the number one social enterprise website in the country.
Entrepreneurs For Social Change Meetup May 2016

Entrepreneurship For Social Change Meetup

A group for anyone who believes business can change the world for the better. Every month, we gather entrepreneurs and innovators in Toronto to offer support and help each other grow.

Thoughtful Collaborations

We work with organizations like NextDayBetter, Unipro, Centre For Social Innovation, and other social purpose organizations in order to grow our impact in Toronto and beyond.